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How To Keep Your Mental Health in Check When You Work From Home

What are the Psychological Effects of Working from Home?   In light of what is happening out there we will all be experiencing feelings of anxiety and isolation. Therefore it is even more important that we look after ourselves in any ways that we possibly can. Here are the most commonly reported issues that remote [read more]

Covid-19 & Joe’s

During the current covid-19 crisis we would like to re assure you as a customer that at Joe’s Lawn Care we are taking the situation very seriously. We are instigating every precaution possible to ensure we can still deliver you the best lawn care service, whilst minimising any risk to you of exposure.   Our [read more]

8 Easy Ways To Prepare Your Lawn For Spring

Because a sexy lawn gets spring sprung… It might not be shorts and flip-flop weather just yet, but we’ve technically made it through another winter and, for you, an awesome lawn-lover, that means one thing: it’s safe to open your kitchen door, head into your garden and start prepping your turf for spring. You might [read more]

Top 5 RoboMowers To Buy In 2020

There’s a robotic mower for every kind of lawn and every kind of chilled-out owner… I’m gonna tell you what no Sci-Fi movie ever will: robots are awesome.    Okay, so there’s a couple of futuristic movies that high-five those twisty metal arms (we’re looking at you Inspector Gadget), but most Hollywood Directors tend to [read more]

4 Super Easy Ways To Test Your Own Soil

It starts with a simple soil test and it ends with a gorgeous lawn… Chances are, you’re reading this because you have a house, and you’ve probably heard that every house needs a good looking garden, and what makes a good looking garden: great soil.  Like TV husbands in the ’50s, good soil makes for [read more]

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