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Do You Really Need To Rake Up Your Grass Clippings?

Last week, while sat in my dentist’s infamously uncomfortable waiting room listening to the dull sound of drills go into teeth from behind the closed door next to me, I heard a nervous patient talking to the receptionist about his Saturday morning routine (presumably to shake off the nerves). Anyway, it went like this: Wake [read more]

Removing Moss From Your Lawn One Myth At A Time

In case you’ve had a cold for the past few days and haven’t managed to pull back the curtains out of fear you’ll be missing out on something amazing, you’ve been missing out on something amazing – the sun. It’s been shining like mad. It’s almost like it went for a power nap before a [read more]

Lawn Surgeon: Transplanting Old Grass To Your Low Spots

We’ll be straight with you: Marmite is a million times better than Bovril. There’s no contest. We know that’s got very little (read: nothing) to do with lawn care, but it was weighing heavy on our shoulders and so blurting it out seemed necessary. Now we’ve done this, we’ll be straight with you in lawn [read more]

8 Tasks To Get Your Lawn Set Up For Spring

Spring has arrived. Actually, let’s rephrase that a little. Spring was meant to arrive. Alas it snowed and rained and rained and snowed. But just because spring hasn’t arrived yet doesn’t mean it isn’t coming. It is. It’s just running fashionably late which, in gardening speak, means it’s about two-three weeks behind schedule. No. it’s [read more]

Here’s To A Mean & Clean Mowing Machine

If you’ve been an adult for longer than six minutes, then you’ll know this whole being a “grown-up” thing isn’t the freedom you hoped it would be. You quickly learn that three takeaways a day is not feasible, mobile phone games aren’t that fun and having a bedroom floordrobe is a nightmare. Yup, eventually, we [read more]

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