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Making Sure Your Mower Is Tucked Up This Winter

Forget what your lawn-addicted neighbour has been saying to make you feel super-guilty about your gardening habits; it’s totally acceptable to put your mower away for the winter now. Not only is it December, it’s proper cold. Seriously. We’ve already got into the habit of going to bed with a hot-water-bottle, two pairs of socks [read more]

No Lawn Is Safe From The Dreaded Winter Kill

A bit like the last time you watching The Notebook on a cheap-wine hangover, your lawn can get a little bit sensitive now and then, especially during the winter months. Of course, we’re not telling you this so that you can pop a large box of Kleenex tissues in your shed, we’re telling you this [read more]


Christmas Tree Discount in Leicestershire

We have teemed up again with ‘Old Dalby Christmas Trees’ to offer our Leicestershire customers 10% off the price of a beautiful real Christmas Tree as a special thank you from the Joe’s Lawn Care team. Old Dalby is a village not far from Melton Mowbray. For directions and further information please visit their FACEBOOK page. [read more]

Keeping Lawn & Order This Winter

In the same way, you find it way too easy to press the snooze button on your alarm and enjoy a series of nine-minute doses, it is way too easy to leave your lawn be now winter is here. But even though the struggle is real, in both cases you should refrain from being lazy. [read more]

Your Ultimate Guide To November Gardening

For some unbeknownst reason, people don’t seem to be the biggest fans of November gardening. We don’t know why exactly, but it could have something to do with the fact it’s perpetually night time (bar that hour and a half of daylight either side of midday), or that feeling your fingers are about to drop [read more]

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