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Best Lawn Mowing Tips

  Regular mowing is a vital part of lawn care. A quick whiz with a sharp and well-adjusted mower will only take you a few minutes if you do the job every week. Mowing as often as you can will encourage the fine grasses and allow the grass enough energy to thicken up to become [read more]

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Autumn Lawn Pests & Diseases

Autumn has soon come upon us and with it brings a variety of potential threats to the welfare of our lawns. At this time of the year it is not uncommon to expect to see a range of fungal problems including red thread and fairy rings. Pests such as chafer grubs (shown above), leatherjackets and [read more]

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Warm weather – Can my lawn handle it?!

On the twentieth of July the country experienced an intense temperature extreme, with some parts of the UK seeing ferocious levels of heat nearing that of the record 38.5 C° in the 2003 August heatwave. Leaving all lawn enthusiasts wondering – Can my turf handle it? By adhering to the following tips and tricks you [read more]

Lets talk ANTS…

Pests are a problem on your lawn all year round but can be particularly noticeable over the summer months. The pest that is particularly prospering this Summer is Ants, and now is as good a time as any to consider preventative control. Ant Control Ant hills can disfigure lawns, they usually appear in summer and [read more]

Red Thread Alert!

An increase in humidity will bring about an outbreak on most lawns this July. The rains and warm weather of June have created ideal conditions… Of all the grass diseases ‘Red Thread’ lawn fungus is the most common. The disease causes the grass leaf to die often giving the lawn a blotchy, brownish appearance. Whilst the disease is active the [read more]

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