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An Overly Simplified Five-Step Plan To Lawn Care

Some things are life are super-simple. Counting to ten on your fingers. Toasting a Pop Tart in the toaster. Reading the Hungry Caterpillar. Not liking Donald Trump. Getting drunk. Wasting hours of your day on Instagram. And hating Mondays. They’re all as easy to do as breathing in through your nose and out through your [read more]

8 Super-Duper-Easy Ways To Get The Perfect Lawn

The other day, I was grabbing lunch in a proper pub-pub. The kind that had curtain-covered, brown bar stools, a dart board in the corner, a lovely pub garden with patchwork grass and quotes etched into brass bar signs, one of which read, “There is nothing, absolutely nothing, half as wonderful as a lush green [read more]

Here’s Why Aeration Is Super-Duper Important

The other day, while I was catching up with a pub-pal of mine, I was met with one of the blankest expressions ever witnessed with human eyes, and all I had done was tell this friend of mine she should consider, “a little less conversation, a little more aeration, please”. Seriously. I can’t tell you [read more]

Lawn Care For Little Urban Lawns

The other day, while sat in a long line of traffic with the windows rolled down in futile search for a light breeze, I overheard a little boy quizzing his Dad on the usual stuff, things like: Dad, have you ever been a pirate? Dad, in the olden days, was everything black and white? Dad, [read more]

Joe’s Drought Recovery

Lawn Turned Brown?! Why? With prolonged high temperatures and low rainfall, many lawns will turn brown. The lawn is putting up its natural defence to protect its root structure. When water is in short supply grass will respond by shutting down and turning brown.   DON’T PANIC  –  It will recover once we have had [read more]

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