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Lawn Treatments

Ever dreamt of the perfect lawn but not sure where to start?

Joe's Lawn Care guarantee to turn your weed infested and tired looking grass into lawns you can be proud of. Through our wide range of seasonal treatment programmes we can ensure your lawn looks greener, thicker and weed free all year round. Unfortunately we don't cut grass; we like to stick to what we are best at and leave the fun bit to you!

Your LAWN can be RE-BORN with Joe's!

Like any other plant, grass requires feeding at regular intervals throughout the year to achieve the optimum density, colour and texture associated with a truly beautiful lawn. At Joe's Lawn Care we use only top quality fully licensed products that are not available to the amateur gardener.

We tailor a treatment programme specifically to help reach your goals for your lawn and eliminate any problems that may be present. These may include...


During a full calendar year we normally complete 4 seasonal lawn treatments, with a recommended optional Winter treatment as follows:

Joe's Lawn Treatments cost less than doing it yourself!

Joe's Lawncare Calendar Greener lawns


Lawn Feed & Moss Control

Benefits of Joe’s Spring treatment:

  • Maintains great colour even at low soil temperatures
  • Promotes healthy root growth and provides nutritional needs after Winter
  • Rapidly effective moss control - Visible results within hours!
  • Improves plant cell structure for a healthier leaf


Lawn Feed & Weed Control

Benefits of Joe’s Early Summer treatment:

  • Maintains great colour quickly without surge growth
  • Long lasting feed gives 8-10 week longevity (DIY products 4-6 weeks)
  • Gently replaces lost nutrient from cutting
  • Eliminates 80% of weeds on the first application


Lawn Feed & Weed Control Including Persistent Problem Weeds

Benefits of Joe’s Summer treatment:

  • Long lasting Summer greening
  • Stabilises all Nitrogen to reduce surge growth over the summer months
  • Targets difficult to control problem weeds like Speedwell
  • Safe for the environment & children/pets


Lawn Feed & Moss Control

Benefits of Joe’s Autumn treatment:

  • Promotes healthy root growth & provides all nutritional needs for plant health
  • Rapidly effective moss control - Visible results within hours!
  • Hardens the grass plants ready for winter
  • Helps withstand Autumn diseases such as Red Thread


Moss Control & Winter Lawn Conditioner

Benefits of Joe’s Winter treatment:

  • Helps the grass through the winter months
  • Helps fight winter fungal diseases such as Fusarium
  • Rapidly effective moss control - Visible results within hours!
  • Reduces moss spores for ongoing improved moss control
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