How Winter Weather Can Affect Your Lawn

How Winter Weather Can Affect Your Lawn ‘The Beast From the East’ is well and truly upon us and...

How Winter Weather Can Affect Your Lawn

‘The Beast From the East’ is well and truly upon us and we hear what you’re saying – What are the implications for my lawn?

Let’s answer this crucial question……



Frost on its own doesn’t cause any real damage to your lawn. It’s only when pressure is applied to the grass when it’s frozen that you have a problem. So walking on a frozen lawn is a big no no. When you walk on a frosty lawn it will cause the frozen leaves to fracture. The frost will ruptures the leaf cells and seriously damage the grass leaves. This is usually called “bruising” it will basically leave you with some ugly brown footprints on the lawn. I’m afraid these won’t disappear until the temperature warms up and the grass grows them out.

So although the grass doesn’t suffer any long term damage it’s best to try and keep off the lawn in frosty weather. Keep others off as well, meaning you Mr Postman!!


Freezing Temperatures 

It’s a little know fact that freezing conditions with or without frost can cause problems for a lawn. As water freezes in the soil this can cause the ground to rise up and create bumps and dips in the lawn. There is nothing you can do to prevent this from happening but the lawn should settle down as the temperatures warm. You may need to give the lawn a light rolling in spring when the weather is drier to flatten the raised areas. Be careful if you have heavy soil as this can cause compaction.



Snow is not normally a problem on lawns but a fungal disease called Snow Mold (a variant of Fusarium) is. This can occur once the snow has melted and can be very destructive to lawns. It often occurs when the snow sits on the lawn for a long time. Or in areas of the lawn where the snow lingers, such as shaded areas or where a snowman may have been. It is therefore beneficial to clear snow off your lawn as quickly as possible. Giving your lawn a dose of iron in the Autumn and Winter months can help strengthen the grass, then you are free to build as many snowmen as you like.

If you would like more information about Snow Mold and Fusarium please visit the lawn problems page on our website.


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