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4 Super Easy Ways To Test Your Own Soil

It starts with a simple soil test and it ends with a gorgeous lawn… Chances are, you’re reading this because you have a house, and you’ve probably heard that every house needs a good looking garden, and what makes a good looking garden: great soil.  Like TV husbands in the ’50s, good soil makes for [read more]

20 Things To Do To Your Lawn In 2020

20 things to do to your lawn in 2020

20 lawn care tips to get you through 2020… Think about it: everyone makes the same New Year’s resolutions every year. You wake up on January first, probably in a bit of a haze with a banging headache and a parched throat, and decide now is the time to go vegan, lose weight, save money, [read more]

Give Your Garden The Festive Feels This Christmas

The moment the clock strikes midnight on December 1st, houses all across the country start lighting up with Christmas cheer — and in some places, that Christmas cheer reaches truly epic heights. These little villages may be a blip on the map, but, man, do they go big, and all we can do is stare [read more]

Everything You Need To Know About Preventing Snow Mold

OMG! Winter is the absolute best, am I right?    No. I’m wrong.   I wish I wasn’t because I love all those postcardy bits of Christmas more than most kids do, things like candy canes and Christmas trees and ski slopes or ice skating rinks and throwing snowballs at random people in the park [read more]

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4 Reasons Your Grass Will Probably Die This Winter

Now, I don’t want to sound like too much of a humbug, but in most of the UK, winter sucks.    It’s freezing outside. Your car is frosted over in the morning. You can only feel your fingertips for, like, 15 minutes a day. You don’t feel like doing anything except eating another box of [read more]

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