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Tools That Guarantee A Better-Looking Lawn

Now, we know the old adage states that a good craftsman should never-ever blame his tools, but we don’t agree with this (no offence to the person who came up with it). You see, part of the reason why your lawn never seems to look as award-winning as Keen Kevin’s next door is because he [read more]

Time To Dispatch That Thatch

  If we’re going to be honest (and, at Joe’s Lawn Care, we pride ourselves on our honesty), we wanted to start with a pun about Margaret Thatcher, but we decided it was probably best to adhere conversational etiquette for once and avoid politics at all cost. It just isn’t worth losing friends over. What [read more]

Snow Shovelling Tips For Those That Hate Shovelling Snow

For anyone that hasn’t a) turned on the television, b) looked at their phone, c) picked up the papers or d) drawn their curtains, we have some news for you: it has been snowing quite a bit over the past couple of days. Mmmm hmmmm. Traffic has been properly disrupted, airports have been closed, flights [read more]

A Tree Is For Winter, Not Just For Christmas

For students, getting into the Christmas spirit amounts to hanging one of those Christmas-tree-shaped-air-fresheners from the ceiling, popping bits of tinsel on your bed and shopping for all your presents in the bargain bin at Poundland, which is sort of a rite of passage. For everyone else, though, Christmas really is the most wonderful time [read more]

Making Sure Your Mower Is Tucked Up This Winter

Forget what your lawn-addicted neighbour has been saying to make you feel super-guilty about your gardening habits; it’s totally acceptable to put your mower away for the winter now. Not only is it December, it’s proper cold. Seriously. We’ve already got into the habit of going to bed with a hot-water-bottle, two pairs of socks [read more]

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