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The latest news from the whispering grass!

A Green Lawn Derives From A Quick Fertilise

Do you know what makes a lawn so Mr. Fantastic; the colour. It’s peering out of your kitchen window with sleepy eyes and being greeted by a shag-pile carpet of lush emerald grass, little droplets of dew reflecting the mid-spring sun as they cling to the tips of every other blade. That’s what gardeners, homeowners [read more]

Mow Money, Mow Problems

Before we get underway with this week’s advice, we should probably thank The Notorious B.I.G. for inspiring us with the title of this week’s blog, the soundtrack to this week’s gardening duties and, most importantly, for inspiring the content: Grass.   No matter how you look at it – from the kitchen window, stood on [read more]

The Race For A Gorgeous Spring Garden Starts Now

Ahhh, Autumn, you fickle beast you (something The Mamas And The Papas will happily confirm). To offer you an explanation, it’s that time of the year where gardeners are divided down the middle – the optimists, megalomaniacs and narcissists choosing to look back on the past two seasons with pride and glee, while the more [read more]

Mulch Ado About Nothing

Can we just be honest with you for a second? This is the literal truth. Our favourite word in the entire English language is “mulch”. Yup. Of all the words we could have picked from all of the pages in all of the dictionaries, we would pick mulch. We’re not saying we would get it [read more]

Autumn Is All About Pumpkin Spiced Lattes & A Lovely Bit Of Lawn Care

Stop what you are doing. Right now. Right this very second, unless you are a) donating money to charity, b) building a hospital in a third world country or c) politely shooing a spider out of your home before you crush it with whatever heavy object is nearest, we need you stop what you are [read more]

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