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7 Things To Boost Your Lawn’s Defence During A Heat Wave

Now, I’m not going to do that quintessentially British thing of wishing the winter away and then complaining that summer is too hot because this is the sort of weather that gets me bouncing around like teeny-tiny-little excited lambs in a field of wildflowers on a crisp morning. It’s my totally favourite time of the [read more]

Take A Look At Britain’s Best Gardens (Officially)

Believe it or not (and, even for us, this is pretty hard to believe), but the ‘Britain’s Best Lawn’ competition is now in its thirteenth year. Yup. You read that right. There is a nationwide competition that celebrates Britain’s most dedicated gardeners and, yes, it’s been celebrating the very best in manicured turf for over [read more]

5 Of The Most Magical Patio Materials

Let’s be real for a moment: patios are a lot like conservatories. They are. Think about it for a microsecond. In the winter, they’re nothing but glorified storage spaces that quickly get filled with all that clutter you don’t use and thus should have probably thrown away by now (yeah, we’re looking at you rusty [read more]

7 Things You Should Never Do To Your Lawn

We’re now deep into Spring. We know this because our lawn is growing faster than asparagus (NB: asparagus grows crazy fast). But you already knew this, which is why you’ve been out in your garden, pushing that mower of your up and down, up and down at least two times a week already. Mmm hmmm. [read more]

How To Clear Your Lawn of Cutting-Clumps

Now, this is going to sound pretty drastic, but we don’t think there’s anything more unsightly than a lawn besmirched by large clumps of grass clippings. Actually, that’s not strictly true because seeing Donald Trump’s face, frown, ill-fitting suits, Twitter feed and/or general demeanour is probably the worst way anyone can start the day (#poormelania), [read more]

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