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5 Of The Most Magical Patio Materials

Let’s be real for a moment: patios are a lot like conservatories. They are. Think about it for a microsecond. In the winter, they’re nothing but glorified storage spaces that quickly get filled with all that clutter you don’t use and thus should have probably thrown away by now (yeah, we’re looking at you rusty [read more]

7 Things You Should Never Do To Your Lawn

We’re now deep into Spring. We know this because our lawn is growing faster than asparagus (NB: asparagus grows crazy fast). But you already knew this, which is why you’ve been out in your garden, pushing that mower of your up and down, up and down at least two times a week already. Mmm hmmm. [read more]

How To Clear Your Lawn of Cutting-Clumps

Now, this is going to sound pretty drastic, but we don’t think there’s anything more unsightly than a lawn besmirched by large clumps of grass clippings. Actually, that’s not strictly true because seeing Donald Trump’s face, frown, ill-fitting suits, Twitter feed and/or general demeanour is probably the worst way anyone can start the day (#poormelania), [read more]

Is Joe’s Lawn Care GDPR compliant?

It’s a hot question, we get asked a lot right now. So we thought we’d blog all about it. Needless to say, you’re damn right we’re GDPR compliant!   You can read our latest Privacy Statement HERE (amended and notified to all for GDPR!)   We’ve always taken your privacy and data very seriously, but [read more]


In the unwritten rules of society, everyone over 18 is technically an adult and, yes, society is technically right. But we all know there’s a massive difference ‘between being an adult’ and ‘feeling like an adult’. The problem is, fully-fledged adulthood creeps up on you. It catches you off guard and all of sudden you [read more]

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