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The latest news from the whispering grass!

Joe’s announce merger with ‘Great Grass Ltd’ – Norfolk!

+ N O R F O L K + Joe’s are thrilled to announce our merger with ‘Great Grass Ltd’! ‘Great Grass’ is a longstanding and well renowned independent Lawn Care business based in North Norfolk with coverage across the county. The business has been integrated over the past few months and will be fully [read more]


Winter Lawn Care

Although most lawn enthusiasts retreat toward the fireplace during the winter months there are in fact plenty of issues that need seeing to…. Grass doesn’t suddenly grow a protective winter coat securing its viability from the severe drop in temperature. Within that expansive green mass there are hundreds of thousands of tiny, vulnerable plants.   [read more]

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How to remove ‘Coarse Grasses’ from your lawn…

‘Weed’ grasses are vigorous, undesirable and difficult to remove your lawn all together. All lawns can suffer from coarse grasses establishing. This can be down to several reasons, wind carrying seeds, birds etc… There are no selective weed killers that can be used against coarse grasses in lawns without also killing the more desirable turf [read more]

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Best Lawn Mowing Tips

  Regular mowing is a vital part of lawn care. A quick whiz with a sharp and well-adjusted mower will only take you a few minutes if you do the job every week. Mowing as often as you can will encourage the fine grasses and allow the grass enough energy to thicken up to become [read more]

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Autumn Lawn Pests & Diseases

Autumn has soon come upon us and with it brings a variety of potential threats to the welfare of our lawns. At this time of the year it is not uncommon to expect to see a range of fungal problems including red thread and fairy rings. Pests such as chafer grubs (shown above), leatherjackets and [read more]

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