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7 Reasons Why Mowing Your Slightly Wet Lawn Is A Terrible Idea

Apart from standing on an up-turned plug on your 2am trip to the bathroom, there’s nothing worse than mowing a wet lawn. There are certain things we can all agree to be bad ideas. Bungee jumping without a bungee, long-distance relationships, staying up until 3am the night before a flight/exam/interview, buying diet water, thinking you [read more]

Now *This* Is How You Hand Combat The Heck Out Of Weeds

The 5 close-quarter combat techniques you need when weeding. You might call them “old fashioned” or “things Granny could do”, but there a lot of things us human beings have lost the art of. Like sending hand-written ‘thank you’ letters, and being able to sew up that hole in your trousers, and dressing modestly, and, [read more]

10 Ways To Completely Revamp Your Lawn Care This Spring

10 lawn care tips to help your lawn this spring. Let’s get straight to it: Spring is to lawns what a flake is to ice cream – the. most. important. thing. ever. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart to the tip of my greenthumb. Spring is your lawn’s BFF. It’s that [read more]

12 Confusing Lawn Care Terms Made A Bit Less Confusing

After reading this article, you won’t look at lawn care terminology like it’s hieroglyphics. Good day everyone, and what a day it is. No, it’s not particularly sunny, nor am I blowing out any candles on a cake, but what I am doing is reflecting on a little moment of realisation I had *a few [read more]

A Day in the Life of a …Joes Lawn care hero

With over 40 acres to maintain, thousands of trees, flower beds and steps to navigate – A lawn care hero has the daunting task of making every inch of a lawn look as good as possible. Plus, in Spring to Autumn they ramp things up with grass actively growing. So what does a typical day in the [read more]

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