5 Upgrades You Should Definitely Make To Your Lawn

5 Upgrades You Should Definitely Make To Your Lawn The lawn and garden upgrades you didn’t realise you were...

5 Upgrades You Should Definitely Make To Your Lawn

The lawn and garden upgrades you didn’t realise you were dreaming of…

I know this uncharacteristically forward-thinking of me, but now’s the perfect time to pour yourself a thick glass of Scotch (I’m presuming you’re reading this after midday), slip into your favourite chair and start thinking about all the amazing upgrades you’re going to make to your garden this spring-slash-summer.

Sure, you might not get around doing any of them all these things, but what’s life without a dream or two. Besides, this is your garden we’re talking about. You’re own personal oasis. Your little slice of The Great Outdoors. You should want to make it as outrageously awesome as your imagination allows — and don’t worry if you’re imagination has been a bit frazzled by a life well led because The Joe’s Team have got you covered.

So, without further ado, here are the most awesome upgrades to start dreaming about, from the right light to a little bit of flower power. Enjoy.


Make Your Garden Great Again

5 upgrades you should definitely make to you lawn

And not just your lawn — all your backyard, earthy goodness. Cultivate it, enrich it with a lovely dollop of nutrients, and plant a smorgasbord of interesting shrubs, pretty perennials, and all the annuals that make you say, “WOW”. And then try and make your garden embrace all the different seasonal colours, because having a garden where everything blooms at once is a bit annoying and anti-climactic. Oh, and in case you are wondering whether planting different blooms is worth the hassle, it totally is.

Plants win you points and points win you prizes. I have a mate that nipped into a garden centre for a wee once and spotted a beautiful perennial for sale on his way out. I forget what it was called, a Serbian something, but it was low and rich in bright blue flowers. Anyway, he bought it, planted it, and never told his wife about it. Then, the next time she went out for a little walk around the garden, she spotted it, smiled a big old smile, and made him a sandwich for lunch. Win.


We Didn’t Start The Fire

… It was always burning since the world was turning… And that’s because it’s the greatest invention of humankind. Well, apart from the written word. Anyway, the point is, you should seriously consider adding an outdoor fire pit or fireplace to your garden. I don’t care which one, just make sure you have a fire out there. Why? Because every garden deserves a focal point that people naturally gravitate toward (other than your immaculately cared for lawn) and that’s what a fire offers. It’s a place for gathering in the summer, and an addition that extends your outdoor use. What sort of fire you go for is totally up to you (it’s your garden, after all). I love those natural-looking ones the best — especially those one’s surrounded by a stone wall. After one use, everyone in your family – including your dog – will have their own bit of wall they can call theirs. No arguments, just love. And fire.


Music Should Be Heard But Not Seen

5 Upgrades You Should Definitely Make To Your Lawn - music / speakers

Forget sliced bread, the Cronut, and those doors that fold down into ping pong tables – the greatest invention of all time are those outdoor speaker thingys that look like rocks (at least in lawn and garden history). And that’s not just because music is an essential part of entertaining when you have people over for a drink or two, but because music makes everything better — especially those Sunday mornings you spend working in the garden. It’s a total game-changer. Instead of begrudgingly walking up and down your lawn in your golf shoes trying to aerate your lawn, you can walk up and down your lawn in your golf shoes dancing to Tom Jones’ “Green Green Grass Of Home”.


Every Lawn Needs To Find It’s Light

Light up your garden - upgrades you should definitely make to your lawn

Life is full of underappreciated things. The feeling of aloe vera on your sunburn. Slipping into a hot bath when you have the house to yourself. Reading something that totally applies to your life. Outdoor showers. The smell of freshly cut grass. Having a Full English for dinner. And driving around on a hot summer’s day with the car/van window down. But at the top of the underappreciated list has to be landscape lighting. Oh, man, it’s just the best. Uplighting, spotlighting, path lighting, garden tea lights, lawn lighting, fairy lights — the list is endless. And all of them will make you see your lawn-slash-garden in a whole new light (excuse the pun).


Add A Moment Of Character

5 upgrades you should definitely make to you lawn - garden birds

Every lawn needs a little character. That something wow that stands proudly from the lush green carpet. And what could be more awesome than a stone urn, or a statue, or a plaque? Maybe even a salvaged object you looked at and thought, “that would look weirdly great on my lawn.” It could be anything. Something that adds a dollop of character and a pinch of something extra. We’ve seen stone statues of Robin Hood, rusty sculptures of Komodo dragons, big round metal orbs with water trickling down them and even a pair of dinosaurs. No, not everyone will like them, but that’s what makes them awesome. It makes your garden yours.


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