Autumn Lawn Pests & Diseases You Should Probably Know About

Autumn is prime time for diseases and pests. Here’s everything you need to know…   Yup. It’s that time...

Autumn is prime time for diseases and pests. Here’s everything you need to know…


Yup. It’s that time of the year again, where we get to pull on two pairs of socks, dust off our favourite cable-knit jumpers and say good riddance to summer, pretending that it was too sticky and smelled too unpleasant (even though that’s a total lie). Whatever the case, autumn has well and truly arrived, which means the clocks will be turned back, pumpkin-spiced everything’s will be sold in cafes everywhere and the green will slowly drains from our favourite trees — and that should be celebrated because foliage season is nothing shy of magnificent.


What isn’t magnificent are the diseases and pests that seem to like autumn and love ruining your lawn. 


Don’t worry, you’re not to blame (unless you’re buying lawn diseases at Bad Ideas R’ Us, in which case it’s totally your fault because what were you thinking?). No, the reason lawn diseases appear now is because the temperature has dropped, the weather got wetter and the sun has taken its show down south — and who can blame it?

But while most diseases and pests won’t be life-threatening to your lawn, if you do notice a brown spot on your turf, or see a ring of mushrooms pop up from nowhere, it’s definitely worth pulling on your houndstooth deerstalker and investigating because, if I’ve learned anything in all my years as a lawn care legend, it is always better to know if there’s a disease or pest to deal with, or if it’s simply your neighbour’s dog, Mr Chuckles, taking a leak in his new favourite spot. 


In that spirit, here are the autumn lawn pests and diseases you should definitely know about, and which lawn treatments will properly deal with them. 



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