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It’s been a mixed bag this August, as the effects of the Saharan blowtorch heatwave followed by torrential downpour...


It’s been a mixed bag this August, as the effects of the Saharan blowtorch heatwave followed by torrential downpour have meant that lawn care in Kings Lynn and other parts of the country has become increasingly vital. 

So many lawns in England have turned a rather dead looking shade of yellowy-brown and, for many people, it has been virtually impossible to prevent the heat from doing its worst. While the rain may have helped this a bit, it’s often not enough to course-correct your lawn. 


Take care to have the right lawn care 

Lawn care in Norfolk is different from most other parts of the country. It’s even harder to keep lawns healthy in this part of Eastern England and here’s why. 

The soil is sandier than other parts of the UK and sand is definitely not your lawn’s best friend, because it makes the soil dry out quicker. In fact, it’s a bit like Kryptonite to Superman, except less green. 

Dry soil in the sizzling hot August we’ve just had has meant a double whammy of problems, when it comes to keeping your lawn looking healthy. So, when you’re proud of your glimmering green back yard, or love that the neighbours comment on the condition of your front lawn, you’ll want to do the very most you can to keep it looking that way. And we can help.


Keep your lawn healthy

Lawn care in Kings Lynn, during the warmer weather, should carry on into the late summer. As long as the grass is still growing, it needs the right levels of TLC (or as we like to call it, JLC…) to stop the soil from drying out and making further growth pretty non-existent. 

While Spring is the best time to start properly taking good care of your lawn, as long as it’s still got a bit of life in it, top tips to keep your lawn looking the best it can, even now, include the following:

  • Mowing regularly, but not too low 
  • Regular watering first thing in the morning or last thing at night 
  • Adding lawn feed or fertilisers 
  • Killing moss and weeds
  • Scarifying, aerating and overseeding

There are also some professional lawn care treatments which can help to bring your glimmering green carpet back to life and keep your lawn looking healthy in the summer. 


Benefits of the right treatment for a healthy lawn

When the tips above just aren’t enough to ensure the right levels of lawn care in King’s Lynn and Norwich, we can offer some fantastic results after just one seasonal treatment. Our expert technicians have the experience, knowledge and equipment to get your Kings Lynn lawn care back up to scratch again in no time. 

Get a free lawn analysis to help you understand what is needed. We’ll start off with a friendly consultation, get to know your lawn inside and out and then decide on a treatment only after we’ve seen the condition that it’s in. 

Droughts can make the moss and weeds problem even worse, so work might begin by killing and stopping the spread of 95% of all weeds and moss within a couple of hours. 

We’ll also ensure the optimum conditions for a beautiful lawn, by making sure your soil is healthy and the grass has the very best chance of remaining beautiful. Our dedicated cultural treatment team are experts in aeration, scarification and overseeding, if this is what is required. 


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If your lawn care in Kings Lynn, or indeed, any other part of the country has become a headache that you just don’t need this summer, then contact us for a free lawn analysis and quote, today.