Introducing the Joe’s ‘Cultural Team’

No, we haven’t set up a team that specialises in the Arts! (although we see it as a type...

No, we haven’t set up a team that specialises in the Arts! (although we see it as a type of art!)

We use the phrase ‘Cultural’ to encompass all lawn practices without the use of chemicals – mainly mechanical processes.

With the current surge in demand for ‘organic’ methods of lawn care, we have seen a huge rise in the demand for Scarification and Aeration as a means of creating the correct conditions for a healthy lawn to thrive. Excessive uses of Nitrogen by certain well known lawn franchises has also meant there are a greater number of problem lawns out there that require such methods! We would always advocate cultural work alongside seasonal treatments to create an effective lawn programme.

We have invested in the best possible machinery and equipment from across the world for use across all types of lawns with varying access demands. This enables us to make a choice on the correct kit to use on an individual basis for each lawn.


Starting this Autumn, the ‘Cultural Team’ are experienced specialists and will be working across all areas completing:

Aeration               Scarification               Lawn Renovation               Over Seeding               Top Dressing               Pest Controls

For more information on any of these services please click the links above, or if you think your lawn would benefit from a visit by our ‘Cultural’ Team then give us a call…

We have several people joining us this month and we will be introduce them all to you over the coming weeks….