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Surface Treatments

Joe's provide effective treatments for hard surfaces around the home

Are you fed up with that weedy gravel driveway, grassy path or unsightly patio? We have a solution that doesn't need scrubbing or pressure washing! Joe's surface treatments will combat ALL weeds, algae, mould and moss by killing them dead in just 2 visits per year.

We treat the surface, and then leave it to dry. The treatment quickly kills algae and moss, showing visible results in a matter of days and the secondary detergent action will help to gently clean the treated surface in the following weeks and months. It is also approved for moss control on hard surfaces such as footpaths and tennis courts.

How does it work?

The product produces discolouration and browning of the foliage within a few hours of treatment and during warm sunny weather most plants die within 1-2 days. The product can be used year round. Perennial weeds generally require more than one application to control but annual weeds are usually controlled with one treatment. Experience tells us that at least 2 applications may be required to achieve the desired level of cleaning.

Experience the difference

Joe's surface treatments cost less than doing it yourself, and the products used are stronger than those available to the public. We also save you the trouble of storing dangerous weed killers!

Surface treatments are available as either a one-off treatment or as part of our annual treatment programmes.

What's it all about?

Algae, moulds and moss grow most vigorously in the cool, wet conditions when light levels are low and outdoor surfaces are moist. Their unsightly appearance is most obvious in early spring when you will first notice that surfaces are dark, dingy and often slippery. Hand scrubbing or brushing is time consuming and messy, and pressure washing is not always recommended on many surfaces.

Our fast acting solution for weeds gives visible results in 1-2 days!

We apply a herbicide based on naturally occurring ingredients which controls a wide range of weeds and grasses. It is also approved for moss control, is completely safe for the environment, and is the first herbicide to be approved for use on hard surfaces in the UK for many years.

Where can we help?

Our surface treatments can be used on:

  • Gravel Drives & Pathways
  • Pavements & Patios
  • Permeable Drives
  • Around Trees, Shrubs and Hedges

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