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Want to find out a little more about your lawn? During a lawn survey we will analyse your lawn through a range of metrics and point out any particular problem areas whilst explaining our findings... Oh, and we’ll also tell you how we can improve things for you!

Joe's Diary

Top 5 RoboMowers To Buy In 2020

There’s a robotic mower for every kind of lawn and every kind of chilled-out owner… I’m gonna tell you what no Sci-Fi movie ever will: robots are awesome.    Okay, so there’s a couple of futuristic movies that high-five those twisty metal arms (we’re looking at you Inspector Gadget), but most Hollywood Directors tend to [read more]


4 Super Easy Ways To Test Your Own Soil

It starts with a simple soil test and it ends with a gorgeous lawn… Chances are, you’re reading this because you have a house, and you’ve probably heard that every house needs a good looking garden, and what makes a good looking garden: great soil.  Like TV husbands in the ’50s, good soil makes for [read more]

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