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Want to find out a little more about your lawn? During a lawn survey we will analyse your lawn through a range of metrics and point out any particular problem areas whilst explaining our findings... Oh, and we’ll also tell you how we can improve things for you!

Joe's Diary

The Beginner’s Guide To Lawn Care Power Tools

Everything you need to know about which power tools will make your lawn great again. Whenever someone walks into a room and says “what would you like first, the good news or the bad news?” the answer is always the bad news. Always. And it makes total sense. You want to get the nasty negatives [read more]


Everything You Need To Know About Lawn Thatch

Lawn care hacks: how to get rid of your lawn thatch. True story: I was only a wee nipper when I realised nothing beats the little things in life. Waking up on your birthday. Popping bubble wrap. Writing on a banana skin with a biro. Flipping your pillow over to the cool side – all [read more]

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What is grass aeration?
Grass aeration

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