What’s it all about?

Scarifying is a mechanical procedure perhaps best described as raking, however it should not be confused with typical domestic lawn raking machinery which is able to remove some dead moss – these have little or no effect on surface thatch. The primary purpose of Scarification is to remove surface thatch from the lawn which in turn opens up channels for water, air and nutrients to get through to the soil.

At Joe’s we have a selection of specialist machines applicable for all lawns. These include SISIS, ELIET, BILLY GOAT AMAZONE and CAMON. Our range of petrol machines have sharp blades to vertically slice through dead organic matter and horizontal shoot growth up to 5mm below the surface. Where horizontal shoots are cut they re-sprout leading to a denser sward. As this is an intensive procedure we normally complete this treatment during the Spring or Autumn when conditions are suitable for the lawn to recover. The dead organic matter is raked from the lawn, and bagged ready for disposal.

Why does my Lawn need it?

Our scarification process will thin out and remove the excess thatch and moss invasion that has built up within a lawn.

Over the course of a year all kinds of organic matter build up and increase the layer of thatch which forms at the base of the grass stems. Dead roots, grass cuttings and leaves all contribute. A small thatch layer of less than 10mm is beneficial, as it insulates the soil from extremes in temperature, however as this thatch increases in density it traps water at the surface of the soil and prevents important nutrients from reaching the roots, thus providing the right conditions for moss to prevail.

Thatch should not be confused with a thick moss layer although the two often intertwine. Scarification helps break down this excess thatch on the lawn surface, therefore eliminating the environment for moss growth and allowing the grass space to grow.

OverSeeding is often carried out following scarification.

Different lawns produce thatch at different rates depending on their condition, grass mix, aspect and soil make up. This information will be given to you during your FREE LAWN ANALYSIS.

Scarification is available as either a one-off treatment or as part of our annual treatment programmes, for which discounts are available.