In the event of a dry spell or draught, follow these simple Joe’s tip to help your lawn as best possible:

  • Apply 2 or 3 good waterings per week to the lawn rather than frequent light watering. This will help to saturate the soil deeper.
  • Try to water your lawn either first thing in the morning or during the evening when evaporation is at its lowest.
  • Try to stay off your lawns as much as possible. Your grass is likely to be extremely dry during these periods, footfall will damage it further.

Why are these brown patches occurring?

Women Watering

On close inspection of your lawn you will find it’s normally the finer grasses that go into dormancy first. This is down to a lack of moisture content in the soil, caused by a recent dry period. Consider forking these areas to help the water get to where it is needed the most – the roots!

Will it recover?

Yes, as soon as we have adequate rainfall the grass will return to its normal colour. Once there is sufficient moisture in the soil the grass will recover

How much does it cost to water my lawn?

You may be concerned that watering your lawn is expensive, however you will be surprised how little it can cost. Our friends at the ‘UK Lawn Care Association’ have developed a simple calculator to help you sleep at night again, just follow the link and fill in the calculator for your estimated cost HERE.

Will the lawn need remedial work?

You could consider one or both of the following:

  • Over Seeding – This will introduce more drought tolerant grasses into your lawn enabling it to withstand these conditions.
  • Aeration – This will help relieve any compaction from sun dried lawns and will also remove any sub-surface thatch (which can act as a ‘mat’
  • preventing effective water penetration).
  • Scarification – Review thatch levels during the summer, a build-up of thatch in the summer could prevent water from penetrating the lawn.



Please do not water your lawn in the event of a hosepipe ban.

The watering tool gives an estimated cost based on water supply meter tariffs only (not including sewage / any other fees).