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20 Things To Do To Your Lawn In 2020

20 lawn care tips to get you through 2020…

20 things to do to your lawn in 2020

Think about it: everyone makes the same New Year’s resolutions every year. You wake up on January first, probably in a bit of a haze with a banging headache and a parched throat, and decide now is the time to go vegan, lose weight, save money, up your health game, only to have failed before Martin Luther King Day (that’s in January btw). So this year, instead of setting yourself up to fail, why not set yourself up to succeed and grow an epic lawn while you’re at it. That’s right, this year, let’s make lawn care your resolution.


Now this may come as a bit of a shock to some of you, but a good-looking lawn doesn’t just happen. It takes a bit of time, lots of care and a dollop of know-how in order to keep your grass lean and green. 


Luckily, the secrets to turning your garden into an awesome patch of thick shagpile grass are no longer a secret because, to celebrate 2020, I’ve pulled together 20 tips to help anyone that wants to master their own lawn. Simply put these simple tidbits of advice into practice this year and you’ll have all your mates asking one another how you did it — take that Greenthumb Gary!


Good looking lawn

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