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Lawn Turned Brown?!


With prolonged high temperatures and low rainfall, many lawns will turn brown. The lawn is putting up its natural defence to protect its root structure. When water is in short supply grass will respond by shutting down and turning brown.


DON’T PANIC  –  It will recover once we have had adequate rainfall.


What Can Be Done?

*  Reduce Mowing Frequency & Raise Cutting Height – Leaving your lawn longer will retain moisture and keep your lawn looking greener for longer.

*  Feed With A Slow Release ‘non-Scorch’ Fertiliser – This will help your lawn recover faster when it does see rainfall or a hosepipe.


The excellent news is that your lawn will recover once we have had some significant rainfall (or you have bought yourself a snazzy new sprinkler).

So fear not; all our work getting your lawn tip top will not be wasted…


So What Is Our Policy?

*  We will apply a slow release ‘non-scorch’ Fertiliser and if necessary a complimentary Wetting Agent. This will aid recovery once we have had some rainfall. The Wetting Agent will help retain moisture by allowing water to penetrate into the root zone.

*  We will spot treat weeds. Weeds in most cases are still growing as they are often deep rooted. We will also be offering you a FREE weed control on our next visit if required.

*  We will NOT carry out any treatment on your lawn if we visit and feel it is not appropriate to do so.


In the meantime, watering your lawn will make a huge difference. We would suggest an hour per day preferably in the evenings when the sun goes down. Depending on the size of your lawn this can cost as little as £2.50 per week


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