7 Things To Boost Your Lawn’s Defence During A Heat Wave

Now, I’m not going to do that quintessentially British thing of wishing the winter away and then complaining that...

Now, I’m not going to do that quintessentially British thing of wishing the winter away and then complaining that summer is too hot because this is the sort of weather that gets me bouncing around like teeny-tiny-little excited lambs in a field of wildflowers on a crisp morning. It’s my totally favourite time of the year – music playing from the vans, a smile dancing across my face, a quick doth of the cap and cheery hello to strangers passing by the garden we’re in and a disposition sunnier than all the French Polynesian islands put together.


But there is a slight caveat we need to drop in: it’s really hot.


Really, really hot.


There’s not been a cloud in the sky for what feels like nine years and these hot, humid and dry summer days are showing no signs of easing up (not that the Apple weather app is gospel, as we all know). The point is: you’ve worked tirelessly to get your lawn looking like a thick, green shag-pile carpet and I don’t want all that effort to evaporate without a fight.


That’s why I’ve pulled together a few lawn care techniques to help you care for your (once) lush lawn through this unexpected heat wave (NB: I say unexpected because the English summer usually lasts a day and it comes in August). But before we get started, it’s worth mentioning there is no one single solution to dealing with a mini-drought. Instead, you need to pull on your great grandfather’s old military uniform and perform a multi-pronged defence to help your lawn survive the tough periods of an extended dry spell.


Good luck out there!



And there we have it: everything you need to know about protecting your lawn from the onslaught of super-hot days.


Of course, there’s a pretty high chance you sped through this list and failed to take anything in because a) it’s too hot to concentrate and b) all you could think about was a nice cool can of beer. So, to highlight the two most important points:


  • Make sure you water your lawn twice a day – morning and night – and ignore all those myths about it costing a lot of piggy bank coins. It’s really not. It’ll be about £2-3 a week, maximum.
  • If you get the irresistible urge to mow, make sure you raise your deck as high as it will go – at least three inches. This will help your little grass plants retain more nutrients and also providing more shade for your soil, which is great for water retention.



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