A Day in the Life of a …Joes Lawn care hero

With over 40 acres to maintain, thousands of trees, flower beds and steps to navigate – A lawn care...

With over 40 acres to maintain, thousands of trees, flower beds and
steps to navigate – A lawn care hero has the daunting task of making every inch
of a lawn look as good as possible. Plus, in Spring to Autumn they
ramp things up with grass actively growing.

So what does a typical day in the life of a Joes lawn care hero involve? We took the opportunity to shadow Simon and get to learn exactly what he does on a day to day basis….

Early morning starts

A typical start is between 6.30 and 8.00 in the morning. Yeah, that’s
pretty early, but it means I can get out before everyone else and drive over to
my first job. It’s always nice to get out early then you’re ahead of the game
before you’ve began!

Come rain or shine

It’s not unheard of to stare enviously out of the window at a Joes lawn care hero enjoying the lovely weather, but do you feel the same when the window is protecting you from the torrential rain and gale force winds? If the weather is extremely wet or windy, this can restrict the type of tasks we can do and it also makes it harder for us to do our job.

Day to day tasks

Each day is different. One day, you might find us walking around a stately home maintaining huge lush green lawns while the next you’ll find us in a terraced garden treating a postage stamp lawn that has never had a lawn treatment. It doesn’t matter about the size. I find some of the small lawns and gardens just as interesting and beautiful as the larger ones. It’s all about how you make that space your own and add personal touches, having a stunning lawn just sets off the rest of the garden regardless of size.

Lots of ground to cover

Due to the sheer size of some of the lawns, there’s a lot to maintain.
To give you an idea of what a Joes lawn care hero covers each day, here are
some average daily statistics:

  • 20,000 steps
  • 10 miles walked
  • 3000 calories burned
  • 75kg of feed moved and applied
  • Over 100 litres of water sprayed
  • Over 15 million blades of grass walked on each day!!

We work tirelessly throughout the year to make sure the lawns are looking tip top. So, next time you spy one of the Joes lawn care heros working away – have a word with them. We’re all really friendly and just like you, we like to hear that people appreciate the hard work that we are doing.