Thank You For Everything

Well *sigh* what a year that was.  What. A. Year. Thank you for everything… A year like no other...

Thank you for everything

Well *sigh* what a year that was. 

What. A. Year. Thank you for everything…

A year like no other on record! When everything was turned upside by the pandemic and everyone everywhere had to get used to the new normals. Including getting accustomed to totally abnormal phrases like “social distancing” and “quarantining” and “pre-lockdown”. It has been quite something to be a part of and live through. And something that won’t leave my memories for a long, long time, if ever. 

And yet, despite all the obvious headlines that we all tuned into day and night, there have been so many silver-linings for us, at Joe’s, to smile about — and smile about with pride. From the way our amazing healthcare heroes stepped up to fight the virus on the frontline to the way communities came together. To the way people up and down the country found ways to adapt to the ever-changing uncertainties. No one was immune to the direct, indirect and knock-on effects of everything that happened this year. Yet, at the same time, it felt as though everyone was in this together, forever finding ways to go above and beyond to help each other. 

And that brings me to the very reason for this note because, not only am I incredibly proud of the way everyone reacted to these “unprecedented times”, but I’m also incredibly thankful for the support we’ve been shown as an independent business. We want to thank you for everything…

At the beginning of COVID-19

From those early-days when the virus was both terrifying and largely-unknown, you trusted us to be safe, secure and vigilant. You trusted us to take the situation seriously, instigate every precaution possible and allowed us to continue delivering the best lawn care service, all while minimising any risks of exposure. But most helpful of all… you were all so clear with us about what precautions you were taking too, working with us to make sure we could do our job effectively while keeping our team of lawn care legends safe. You left-back gates open for us, instructions in easy-to-find places and contacted us ahead of each scheduled visit to thrash out the details of what was to come. It’s because of those gestures and helpful actions that we were able to keep operating throughout the toughest year we’ve ever encountered. 

Of course, all this meant we had to adapt our services. A service that we pride on being friendly and personal. So while the team would have loved to hug, high-five or just shake your hand at the beginning and end of each treatment, all we could do was turn up with a smile! Call you from our vans! Explain our plans! Ask you to stay in or stand back! Answer your every question from a safe distance and then set about making your lawns great again. And each of you reciprocated those good vibes with smiles of your own. A smile is all it took to lift our spirits when we needed it most.

World of lawn care during a pandemic

As for the world of lawn care, 2020 has been a year of new protocols. The same professionalism and some of the best weather imaginable. From the wet but sunny spring we had to the dreamy autumn conditions we’ve just enjoyed, this year’s weather created the perfect conditions for any and all lawn renovations. It has allowed lawns up and down the country to look sharp and recover quickly. From aerations to scarifications, we were able to catch the moment and do what we do best: lawn care. And not only that, but we’ve been able to expand our world-famous team of world-class lawn technicians (okay, I’ll admit it: I just overly and possibly wrongly used the term ‘world’ twice there, but I stand by it), giving us some glimmers of hope amongst the chaos of uncertainty. 

Reflecting back

Reflecting on it, 2020 is a hard year to sum up because, well, it’s easily summed up by all the hardships we’ve had to face together. But we have also found ways to reflect on our lawn care practices, adapt to each new guideline, expand our team and continue to deliver the best services possible. And all of that is because of you! That’s right. Without the support from all of our clients, 2020 could have been very different, and so I wanted to take a moment to reflect on all the kindness we were shown and personally thank you for all your help this year.

Hopefully next year will be different and full of the amazing normalities we once took for granted. But if it’s not, well, we know that we can keep going no matter what is thrown at us because of you, our amazing clients that have continued to go above and beyond to support us. 

So, from the very bottom of my heart, and from everyone at Joe’s, thank you. Thank you so much for everything you have done throughout this year. It means more to us than we could ever express. 

Yours sincerely,

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