Warm weather – Can my lawn handle it?!

On the twentieth of July the country experienced an intense temperature extreme, with some parts of the UK seeing...

On the twentieth of July the country experienced an intense temperature extreme, with some parts of the UK seeing ferocious levels of heat nearing that of the record 38.5 C° in the 2003 August heatwave. Leaving all lawn enthusiasts wondering – Can my turf handle it?

By adhering to the following tips and tricks you can ensure your lawn will remain healthy during the extreme heat of summer:

Refrain from cutting too short – A common misconception is to cut the lawn too short. Ultimately this reduces the grasses’ ability to produce energy, leading to stunted growth. When cut at the correct height however, grass develops a stronger root system that will support more vigorous growth which is more tolerant of stress. Remember the one third rule.

Limit water intake – Another common collective misconception is to over-water during extremely hot, dry spells. When soil is constantly wet, a substantial variety of physiological problems appear for plants and soil organisms alike. Grass roots become deprived of oxygen and susceptibility to disease increases. Ensure to water deeply and infrequently, twice a week is suffice. Whilst it is important for the lawn to be adequately hydrated, do not water the grass daily. Lawns only require one inch of water per week, including rainfall.

Avoid regular mowing – Especially during drought stress. Lawns under such stress are limited in their ability to recover from mowing and doing so can damage the grass beyond repair. Ideally, mow the lawn after a spell of rain but resist mowing wet grass.

Keep blades sharp – When the grass is cut with a sharp blade, the plant will recover significantly faster than when using a dull blade. In fact, dull blades will tear the plant tissue thus turning the grass brown and making your lawn more susceptible to stress and disease. Sharp blades will prevent a brown appearance and minimise future infection.

At Joes, we cannot stress enough the importance of maintaining all year round health. Grass will tolerate heat stress much easier if it’s kept in a healthy state throughout the entire year. By following these measures and staying committed to the lawn care cause, you can guarantee that you will have a quality sward that you can be proud to own – As long those pesky ants keep their distance!

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