Winter Lawn Care

Winter Lawn Care Although most lawn enthusiasts retreat towards the fireplace during the winter months there are in fact...

Winter Lawn Care

Although most lawn enthusiasts retreat towards the fireplace during the winter months there are in fact plenty of issues that need seeing to….

Grass doesn’t suddenly grow a protective winter coat securing its viability from the severe drop in temperature. Within your expansive green mass there are hundreds of thousands of tiny, vulnerable plants, which need you.


So what must we do to minimise damage and stress?

Keep your lawn tidy. Fallen leaves, branches and debris should be swept and kept off the lawn. You should do this on a regular basis. It can prevent any damage that may be done to the lawn through a lack of light. Alternatively you can mulch the leaves in order to keep the soil warmer and increase its viability.

Although October is regarded as the end of the mowing season there may be occasional warm spells where the lawn may continue to grow. But, if you decide to mow once more throughout the Winter ensure no more than a third of the grass height is reduced. Aim to keep grass height at a minimum of 35mm during this time of the year.

If you decide to follow tradition and leave the lawn to grow over the Winter then consider having your mower serviced. Using a freshly sharpened mower blade at the start of the mowing season will significantly benefit your lawn. The sharper the blade, the cleaner the cut, the quicker the grass will recover.

Avoid walking on a frosty or waterlogged lawn. This could damage the grass blades and put your lawn under stress.

Look after newly turfed areas. Cold weather can ‘lift’ new turf. If this does occur, wait for a dry period and you can use a roller to gently guide the turf back into position.

Look after your mower this winter

If you are packing up the mower and putting it away for the winter. Then it is advisable you remove any remaining petrol. Empty the fuel tank using a siphon or petrol suction pump and run the mower until it comes to a natural stop. This will clear the fuel from the carburettor and fuel pipes. Undergoing these measures will help to increase the longevity of your petrol mower. Do refer to the user manual for specific information on maintaining and storing your mower.


If you have any worries or queries regarding your lawn this winter do not hesitate to contact us!


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