What’s included?


1. A Comprehensive First Lawn Treatment

We like to avoid delays and get the ball rolling on your lawn straight away. So, during our first visit, we apply a treatment to your lawn to give in an instant pick me up! We guarantee our first treatment on your lawn:

Kills over 95% of weeds,

Contains vital Summer nutrients for a healthier root zone,

Provides long lasting Summer greening,

Gives visible results in days.

We will share with you exactly what treatment/s we have applied along with what the benefits will be for your turf and what improvements you can expect to see over the following days.

2. Our FREE (& famous) Lawn Analysis

We will carry out a full in depth lawn analysis looking at factors such as Soil Type, Soil Structure, Grass Types, Compaction, Thatch, Weeds, Moss, Disease and much much more! This helps us to outline any issues and determine a suitable programme of treatments to put things right.

You will receive a detailed printed report on the current condition of your lawn along with our guide on understanding your lawn analysis.

3. Our Recommendations

We will talk you through our recommendations for future work to achieve your perfect lawn.

We may also share some of our DIY top tips for you to carry out on your lawn for drastic improvements ;-)

As soon as you’ve clicked ‘Book Now’ we will be in touch straight away with our earliest date for your visit and get your lawn care show on the road!

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Why Choose Joe’s:

  • The UK’s No.1 Independent Lawn Care Provider
  • Rated No.1 ‘Lawn Care’ Company On Trustpilot
  • 4.9 Rating on Google
  • Award Winning Professional Service
  • BASIS Lawn Assured Accredited
  • Amenity Standard Accredited
  • Your Own Dedicated Lawn Technician
  • Treatments Tailored to YOUR Lawn
  • Fantastic Results After Just One Treatment
  • Get a Lush, Green, Weed-Free Lawn

If you would like to speak to a member of the Joe’s team please CONTACT US and we would be delighted to help.

* When we come out to apply your first treatment we will carry out a detailed analysis with an accurate measurement of your lawn. Unfortunately Google Maps isn’t updated regularly enough, therefore it won’t know about the extension or the patio you laid in lockdown. That’s why we will carry out our own measurement when we visit. Please note if your lawn is considerably smaller or larger than your measurements then we will discuss changes to your first treatment price on the day.*