Lawn Care In Bury St Edmunds

Christmas is behind us, yet the cold weather continues. So, are you keeping on top of your lawn care...

Lawn Care In Bury St Edmunds

Christmas is behind us, yet the cold weather continues. So, are you keeping on top of your lawn care in Bury St Edmunds, even though it’s chilly out?

We all know that there’s no need to mow your lawn when the cold weather sets in. Anything below 5⁰C and the grass will stop growing. But there are plenty of ways to keep your lawn healthier this winter, even while the mower sticks snugly to the warm confines of the garden shed.

As we all look ahead to a Springtime where the thought of enjoying our gardens once more with our loved ones is a pleasant one. Don’t put off the work until Spring though because it’s worth getting the groundwork in now. 

Of course, mowing your lawn isn’t only something you don’t need to do. You shouldn’t mow it when it’s wet or when there’s the likelihood of a heavy frost, because it’s can cause damage.  If the conditions are right though. That is if the weather is mild and the grass isn’t wet or frosty, there’s no problem in giving it a tidy up when, or if, it needs it. All you need to do is set the mower blade height higher than you would in the summer months. This helps minimise the stress on the turf.


Taking Care Of Your Lawn In The Winter

Lawns like lots of rest during the coldest months. However, there are still a few things you can do during the winter to keep your Bury St Edmunds lawn care up to scratch: 

  • Get rid of any fallen leaves and debris from your lawn as these can encourage disease
  • Minimise footfall on your lawn. The more it’s trodden on, the more impacted the soil gets which leaves it less than healthy  
  • If puddles are forming on your lawn, this means the soil is already compacted. Look to get it aerated to improve the drainage and get more air to the roots 
  • Get servicing your lawn mower and cleaning your garden tools so that they’re ready to get the very best out of when the Spring rolls back around.
  • Look out for any moss growth or disease and get it treated to ensure the problem doesn’t get worse 
  • Use treatments that are right for the time of year. That means scarifying should only be used in specific circumstances and overfeeding is most definitely out.


The Right Treatment 

When you treat your Bury St Edmunds lawn carefully in the colder months, allowing it plenty of R&R. The benefits of the right winter lawn care will be there shining brightly for all to see when the days get warmer. If you aren’t sure what the right treatment is for your lawn at this time of year, then it might be time to give the experts a shout. 

The services we offer include seasonal lawn treatments which are developed for exactly the right time of year. 

Every lawn is different, and that’s why we will take the time to get to know you and your lawn. We want to prescribe the most effective treatments. So, you can relax knowing that lawn problems, such as moss and disease will be a thing of the past. 


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