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Spring has sprung and folk are making the most of their gardens as winter loosens its icy grip, but...


Spring has sprung and folk are making the most of their gardens as winter loosens its icy grip, but to keep your lawn looking at its best, the right kind of lawn care in Cambridge (and indeed the rest of the UK), is vital.

When you need professional lawn care in Cambridge, we can help ensure your lawn stays as lush and green as the day it began life as a twinkle in its Daddy’s eye  – and we can help show you how to keep it that way too. 

It’s always good to give your lawn a cracking head start at being the best it can be. While Spring is a lawn’s bestest friend, it’s not going to truly ‘Spring’ to life without a well informed helping hand.   

Here are a few things you can do to revamp your lawn care in Cambridge, that will keep it happier than a kid in a sweet shop.


Why watering is the way forward

If it’s hot weather, your lawn is going to turn quickly from emerald green to straw-like brown, so give it a drink once in a while.

This doesn’t mean flooding it with the contents of the kids paddling pool in the height of the day. In the hot weather, water just evaporates off the surface.

Instead, give it 2 or 3 good waterings per week in the early morning or evening when the ground is cooler. Brown patches may require further attention in helping the water to properly get to the roots.


Get feeding your lawn 

When given the right nutrients, your lawn will thrive and by eating its greens grow big and strong enough to fight off any weeds and moss that try to muscle their way in.

If unwelcome weeds have already found their way into your carpet of green, pull weeds out at the root where you can, or use herbicide, but if weeds and moss are particularly stubborn little beggars, then scarification is an excellent solution. 


Overseeding, scarification and aeration 

These methods are a great way to practice good lawn care in Cambridge – especially for lawns that have become particularly worn out and appear to be beyond revival.

By overseeding you can fill in the more worn out areas, but remember that the lawn will need to be properly prepared first, through methods such as scarification and aeration, and then well nurtured, in order for the seeding to take full effect.


What we can do for you

If you’re looking forward to a time when you can socialise with family and friends over a barbecue, while enjoying the garden, but the road to getting your lawn looking good, feels about the length of the Great Wall of China, then lawn care in Cambridge by the experts can give you the start you need.

Our team can help get your lawn back to its former glory with the following: 

  • Free lawn analysis 
  • Full scarification, aeration and overseeding cultural treatments 
  • Expert jargon-free advice on how to maintain your lawn
  • Support from the UK’s leading independent lawn care experts
  • Treatment tailored to your lawn 
  • Free checkups and aftercare


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You can have your lawn looking greener again with just one treatment.

Get in touch today to book your free lawn analysis and quote and look forward to being proud of your garden once again through the right levels of lawn care in Cambridge.

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