Lawn Care In Leicester – Get Ready For Summer

Lawn Care In Leicester – Get Ready For Summer After the year we’ve just had, everyone – and I...

Lawn Care In Leicester

Lawn Care In Leicester – Get Ready For Summer

After the year we’ve just had, everyone – and I mean EVERYONE – deserves an awesome summer. So, if part of that means enjoying your garden, it’s time to get started on your lawn care in Leicester now! 

It might still look like it’s still hibernating, especially after the big old snow dumps we’ve had over the last few weeks. Spring is just around the corner and before you know it, the shortest month will be behind us and those daffodils will be popping up all over the shop. So, are you ready to get your lawn looking fresh and fine?

When we’re talking about lawn care, Leicester has a multitude of oceans of green. We’ve seen dotted around the city which could benefit from a good old dose of TLC right now. And heading out further into the countryside, parts of Leicestershire and Rutland have even more green spaces just waiting for that caring touch.

Common lawn problems which affect the health of lawns throughout the year include a huge variety of weeds, moss and pests. Such as ants, leatherjackets and chafer grubs. And then there are lawn diseases, such as red thread and fusarium (or snow mould) – a common cause of brown patches on lawns in the colder months.

There are, however, ways to stop them from getting so bad that your lawn goes sailing past the point of no return.


Get ready for the summer!

When the snow’s cleared and the sun is out, why not get started on improving the health of your lawn? There are plenty of ways to implement some Leicester lawn care tips that will get your garden more than ready for the summer weather. Got a Saturday or Sunday afternoon spare? Try the following: 

  • Get your mower tuned up and ready to rock the show. Sharpen the blades, grease up the fittings and replace any dodgy parts. Blunt blades do not make for happy lawns.
  • Give your garden a spring clean. Remove debris, thatch, stones, kids toys and fallen leaves from the lawn. 
  • Get rid of the weeds – if you can’t pull them up, there are some excellent treatments and herbicides you can use. 
  • Feed your lawn with a good old slap-up meal. Spring fertiliser does wonders for getting the right nutrients to your lawn, especially when it’s set to slow release. 
  • Get rid of any bald patches by loosening up the soil and sprinkling over some grass seeds. For best results rake the seeds into the soil – and remember to water afterwards.
  • For your first mow, keep the blades at a high setting to avoid weakening the roots. Aim to achieve a grass length of around 3-4 inches high.


A Helping Hand

If you aren’t sure about the levels of lawn care in Leicester that you need, then we are a lawn specialist company which would be happy to advise you. We understand that not everyone can be as green-fingered, sometimes you just need a helping hand.

So, if you like the thought of having a gorgeous garden to hold the first BBQ of the summer. Or you want a patch of green outside the front of your house that will make the neighbours jealous, but you’ve not got the greatest history of lawn care behind you, then get some professionals in.


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