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We’ve had some huge downpours, followed by blasts of scorchio sunshine in the last few weeks. When it comes...

Lawn Care Peterborough

We’ve had some huge downpours, followed by blasts of scorchio sunshine in the last few weeks. When it comes to lawn care for our Peterborough residents, and the rest of the country, we recommend getting the professional in.

Lawn not looking at its best? It’s not surprising, because some of the conditions it’s had to cope with have been a little on the extreme side lately. In addition to calling in your lawn care experts to help with some grass maintenance, there are a few things that you can work on:

  1. Mowing has a huge part to play in the condition of your lawn.
  2. Watering, we know some will think it is too expensive but trust us it’s not.

It’s time to get your grass looking great – and hopefully keep it that way. 


Lawn Care Tips For A Lovely Looking Lawn

If you’re asking yourself how to maintain a healthy lawn, check out the following top tips for lawn care in Peterborough. 

Keep everything that’s not green grass off your lawn. Here, we’re talking removal of the following: 

  • Weeds 
  • Moss
  • Thatch
  • Leaves 
  • Twigs
  • People
  • Children’s Toys
  • Swimming/paddling pools

These sort of bits of detritus on your lawn will stop the sunlight, air, nutrients, and moisture from getting through to the roots and helping them to thrive. Instead, you’ll see brown patches and the growth of weeds and other nasties when what you’re hoping for is lush green grass. 

  1. Mow your lawn the right way. This means not doing it in the hottest part of the day and not cutting your lawn too short. We suggest only removing ⅓ of the grass length in one cut. Avoid mowing when the weather is really wet (unless you’re prepared to clean the deck).
  2. Feed and water your lawn to give it the nutrients it needs. You can buy good food and fertiliser from most gardening shops, but be warned it usually works out more expensive for their not so prsofessional products. Or, if your lawn care in Peterborough requires a spot of extra attention, ask us about the seasonal and cultural treatments that we use to rejuvenate a tired, patchy or weed-infested lawn.
  3. Look at processes that will benefit your Peterborough lawn, such as aeration, overseeding and scarification. 
  4. Improve the drainage of your lawn. If it’s become waterlogged, thanks to the heavy downpours of late, it’s worth investigating what the reason for this is. It could be a few different factors – soil type, compaction, or high levels of thatch. 

When it comes to your lawn care in Peterborough, the secret is to keep an eye on it and give it a spot of TLC or JLC as we like to call it. By knowing how to maintain a healthy lawn and regularly taking care of your lawn, you will give it every chance to thrive.


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