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We reckon that, when it comes to lawn care, Rutland gardens deserve the very best. After all, when you’re...

Lawn Care In Rutland

We reckon that, when it comes to lawn care, Rutland gardens deserve the very best. After all, when you’re surrounded by the stunning countryside that an area such as this is renowned for, then there’s every reason to ensure your garden is looking the part.

In the colder months, you might be forgiven for thinking there’s no real point in paying much attention to your garden. After all, the grass doesn’t grow and blankets of snow and frost don’t do much for the health of your lawn at all. Not to mention the fact that it’s flippin cold to be standing around outside. 

There are, however, things you can do, even in the deepest, darkest depths of winter to give your lawn a helping hand.

In the winter months, the right lawn care in Rutland could even be as simple as avoiding walking on your grass. Footfall is something best kept to a minimum throughout the year, but especially avoid tramping over your lawn when it’s frosty. 

You may think you’re doing your lawn a favour, but don’t overfeed it either – this could encourage premature growth which can lead to disease. Also, take care to clear up any fallen leaves and debris – because these can block out the sunlight and stop any water from getting through to the roots. 


A Bit Of Extra Help

The types of services that you might need for your garden as your lawn wakes up over the following months might include seasonal treatments to get rid of weeds and moss, or application of the right kind of fertiliser that will give it the nutrients that it needs without overfeeding it. 

Thanks to the recent snowfall we’ve had, your lawn may also have developed the disease fusarium (otherwise known as snow mould) which appears as yellow/brown patches on your grass. This and other nasty lawn diseases can be taken care of following careful analysis of your Rutland lawn and the use of methods such as scarification to get rid of them.

Don’t be afraid to mow your lawn during the colder months, but keep the blades sharp and higher than you would have them in the summer. If you’re unsure how to mow your lawn in winter or spring and when is the best time to do it, then it might be time to give the experts a call. 


Top Tips For Spring 

If you’re looking ahead to the coming months and thinking about the sort of lawn care in Rutland that will get your grass looking greener in time for that first summer barbecue, then here are some tips for taking care of your lawn in the Spring: 

  • Get your garden tools up to scratch and your mower serviced
  • Continue to remove leaves, debris and thatch from the grass
  • Don’t water your garden, the lawn could become waterlogged
  • Don’t cut your lawn if it’s wet and for the first cut, only take the tops of the blades off
  • As the months move on, start to cut your lawn regularly to keep the grass healthy 
  • Look into lawn treatments such as overseeding 
  • Remove weeds and moss through methods such as scarification and aeration
  • Get expert help if you’re feeling out of your depth


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We take pride in offering lawn care in Rutland that puts a smile on the faces of those people who love to enjoy their gardens. Have your lawn looking awesome this Spring – get in touch with us today to book your free Rutland lawn analysis and quote.