Lawn Care Specialists In Wellingborough

You might not be aware, but across the UK, soil types, like people, can differ massively – so that’s...

Lawn Care Specialists In Wellingborough

You might not be aware, but across the UK, soil types, like people, can differ massively – so that’s why, when it comes to lawn care in Wellingborough, it’s always worth taking a gander at what lies beneath the surface first.

In Northamptonshire, in particular, the land has a wide range of soils, from thin brashy soils over limestone to deep slowly permeable clay soils over Jurassic clay and chalky till. And all these types of soil come with different levels of permeability and varying degrees of potential for getting the good people of Wellingborough’s lawns looking lovely. 

Take clay soil, for example – if it’s allowed to get too wet and boggy, then your lawn is not going to be a happy one – after all, babies aren’t the only things that don’t like sitting in a wet nappy. 

While those grass roots need good access to water, they don’t want to be overwhelmed by it, so, in this case you might incorporate grit and organic matter to get the soil up to scratch. 

On the other hand, dry, chalky or stony soil doesn’t sit too pretty for good garden growth either, so it’s important to identify what your ground is like and this will give you some idea of what treatment is right for your soil.


Lawn’s looking marvellous dahhling

Once you’ve set a fabulous foundation for your lawn care in Wellingborough, then you’re giving it every chance of becoming a rich swathe of shimmering green beauty over the coming months, so knowing the right treatment for your soil is important. If you want a gorgeous garden, then (without wishing to sound like the Grim Reaper) ignore your soil type at your peril. 

There are a few more mistakes to avoid with your Wellingborough lawn care too. These might include the following: 

  • Mowing your lawn too low – check you’ve got the right blade height depending on the time of year – and make sure those blades are sharp!
  • Watering in the heat, or mowing in wet or frosty conditions
  • Not dealing with your thatch – it is not your lawn’s friend
  • Impacting the soil by walking on it too often – this will hinder healthy lawn growth 
  • Allowing leaves and debris to sit on the surface of the lawn, which can trap moisture inside and encourage disease
  • Leaving moss and other lawn problems to develop and get worse 
  • Not aerating your lawn
  • Using the wrong treatment for your lawn. Garden centres and DIY stores sell a variety of products designed for this purpose, but how can you be sure it’s the right one for you?


Invest in a bit of TLC (or JLC as we like to call it)

Depending on the time of year, there are various types of seasonal treatments which will help to keep your lawn healthy. But, if you aren’t sure where to start and need a helping hand, then that’s the time to call in the Wellingborough lawn care specialists (that’s us). 

We are more than fully aware that every lawn is different and the stuff it will take to get one lawn looking tip top might be very different for another. So, we will do our research by checking your lawn out for ourselves before starting work and then, combining a fair few years of know-how, we will put a plan in place to get it looking its best. 


Get a FREE lawn analysis and quote

Sound good? Give us a call today about your Wellingborough lawn care and we would be delighted to come and pay you a visit, take a good look at your lawn and give you a quote for how much it’s going to cost to get it looking amazing for Spring.