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Lawn Renovation

Some lawns can be in such a poor condition that they require complete refurbishment in order to restore them back to full health.

Our programme is a less expensive alternative to achieving a new lawn than completely removing and re-turfing the area.

Good lawn renovation involves more than just sowing new grass seed between the existing grass plants. Simple preparation and proper aftercare is crucial for good results.

Step 1 – Your grass should be cut on a low setting and the grass cuttings collected.

Step 2 – Your lawn area will be thoroughly scarified to remove excess thatch and moss.

Step 3 – The lawn can then be over-seeded using Joe’s specially selected seeds.

Step 4 – A top dressing is applied to increase the amount of organic compounds in the soil and improve seed germination.

Step 5 – Sunlight and water play a crucial role in the success of the newly refurbished lawn so at this stage it’s over to you! The average daily water consumption for a m2 of lawn is 10 litres. We only complete lawn renovation work when the conditions at that time of year are right to do so, however if it doesn’t rain it will need watering daily.


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