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Over Seeding

What is it all about?

Over Seeding is the process of sowing new lawn seed into an existing lawn. It is one of the quickest and most effective methods to get your lawn looking thick and healthy. The process replenishes the current lawn and also helps to fill in any damaged or thin areas that have appeared over time. However it is not just about improving visual appearance, over seeding also acts to improve the lawns resistance to DISEASES whilst increasing its ability to cope in shaded areas and throughout dry spells.

Why does my Lawn need it?

Did you know up to 25% of your lawn dies each year?

Over time the stronger grasses tend to become more dominant in your lawn, often resulting in a varied texture and inconsistent colour. Over Seeding can be used to rejuvenate and even out your tired lawn or thicken an existing lawn. It also helps to reduce the invasion of weeds and moss whilst improving the general colour and appearance of your lawn.

How it Works...

In order for the seed to germinate and survive, preparation and aftercare must be carried out properly. Grass seed germinates in warm conditions when it is kept consistently moist. If it dries out germination will fail. The key to good germination is preparation; for new lawns crumbly soil will enable the seed to hold the moisture and also get a foothold with its roots.

  1. When renovating lawns we prepare the soil by SCARIFYING & AERATING, then only use the best quality seed.
  2. At Joe's we use enough seed per sqm to keep everyone happy, including some for your local birds to germinate!
All round use grass seed
  1. Once germination has been achieved, the soil needs to be kept moist so that roots can develop. Our Joe's Lawn Experts always advise to water little and often as the seedlings become established, then begin to water less frequently to encourage the seedlings to forage for water themselves, without letting the lawn dry out. Check out our 'Ask Joe' watering section for more information on how to look after your lawn whilst we are away.
  2. The final step is not to allow the new seedlings to get too long and straggly; cutting the lawn regularly will encourage thicker growth. Check out our 'Ask Joe' mowing section for more information on how to look after your lawn whilst we are away.

At Joe's we recommend that OverSeeding is carried out in early Autumn and for best results after SCARIFICATION & AERATION as the warm weather and well ventilated soil encourages better seed germination.

OverSeeding is available as either a one-off treatment or as part of our annual treatment programmes.

Please speak to one of Joe's Lawn Experts who will explain the advantages of this service and whether your lawn will benefit.

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