8 Weird Ways to Help Your Lawn Grow

We’re talking from urine to aspirin kind of weird! We have got 8 weird and wonderful ways to help...

8 weird ways to help your lawn grow

We’re talking from urine to aspirin kind of weird!

We have got 8 weird and wonderful ways to help your lawn grow.

Chances are, you know your lawn better than anyone. You know where the dips are, which bits always get flooded and how to get rid of moss using just Fairy Liquid. But did you know you can use aspirin, garlic and even your wee to help your grass grow even healthier? Yeah, we couldn’t believe it either, but the guy who told us was wearing a NASA t-shirt, so we’re guessing he knows his stuff. Of course, we had to be sure before passing this kind of crazy garden hack onto you. So, we tried them out and, well, our minds were blown at the same rate our lawn started to grow. 

So, without further ado, here are the weird and wonderful ways to help boost your lawn’s growth this spring: 

Garlic Cloves Help Your Lawn Grow

If you’ve been looking for ways to get a smooth lawn, look no further because spreading garlic cloves around your lawn is a sure-fire way to enjoy an even surface. This is because the high levels of phosphorus, calcium, potassium, iron, and copper. These elements help deter parasites from getting into your soil and destroying your grass roots. 


Apple Cider Vinegar

For those that love organic and harmless garden hacks. Try tackling your weeds by pouring a healthy dose of apple cider vinegar directly onto them. Not only will acetic acid prevent your weeds from growing, it will scare off any small insects and pests, like ants, and it will do all of these without causing any harm to your lawn or soil. And if you don’t have any apple cider vinegar at hand, you can substitute it with pretty much whatever variety is in your cupboard. 


Penny Coins

Given no one uses cash anymore – never mind coins – grab that sack of 1p and 2p coins (from whichever drawer you keep your old batteries, mystery keys and that lira from your 1999 trip to Turkey). And all you need to do is bury a few of them in the soil beneath your lawn. What happens next is the copper will slowly leak into the soil, eradicating any fungal spores in the soil while protecting your grass from any further infections. It’s literally a very small investment that will keep your lawn healthy for years. 


High Heel Stilettos

Thatch sucks, but aeration doesn’t, which is why we recommend slipping on a pair of stilettos and taking a stroll around your lawn. By doing this, you’ll be poking holes in your lawn, which will help water, air and nutrients get past the thick layer of thatch and down to your grass roots. And if stilettos aren’t your thing, you could always dust off your golf shoes instead. Either way, you’ll be improving aeration and giving your lawn a chance to thrive. 


Your Wee

That’s right. Your wee isn’t just good for jellyfish stings, it’s also rich in nitrogen, making it an incredibly effective lawn fertiliser that will help your grass grow. That said, we wouldn’t recommend doing your business directly onto your lawn because it will need to be diluted properly first because, well, it’s too acidic and salty. As such, try adding 10 parts water to every 1 part of wee. 


Grass Clippings

If you haven’t heard us talk about the benefits of using your grass clippings, you can’t have read many of our blogs before — and our admiration continues. Basically, instead of bagging your grass clippings while mowing your lawn, leave them be. This is because grass clippings are packed full of nutrients stored in the stems; nutrients that can be recycled to fertilise your lawn. Better yet, make a batch of ‘clipping tea’ by filling a barrel with water, adding your clippings to it, leaving it for around 7 days and then watering your lawn with it. 


Aspirin For The Win

Aspirin isn’t just good for headaches, it’s great for lawn care too. Simply dissolve a couple of tablets in a jug of water every couple of weeks and use that to spray your lawn, giving your grass a dollop of extra defence from bacteria and insect infestations. Just make sure you don’t over do it and actually damage your plants instead.


Rusty Old Nails

In order to make chlorophyll (which is essential to the photosynthesis process that makes plants grow), your grass needs iron. That’s where that tub of rusty old nails at the back of your shed  comes in. Simply chuck a handful of them into a watering can to create an iron-rich solution and start watering your grass with that every so often. You’ve now helped your lawn avoid any kind of iron deficiency, which makes you a hero.


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