Easy Garden Maintenance in Leicestershire

It’s fair to say that getting in a bit of easy garden maintenance in Leicestershire now is going to...

Garden Maintenance Leicestershire

It’s fair to say that getting in a bit of easy garden maintenance in Leicestershire now is going to bag you some great results in a few months’ time, so what are you waiting for? 

Who isn’t looking forward to the possibility of spending time with friends and family again this summer? A great place to do just that is in your gorgeous Leicestershire garden as you fire up the barbie and soak up the rays. 

You can have your garden summer-ready with just a teensie weensie little bit of Leicestershire garden maintenance and if you’re not sure where to begin, then here are a few garden and lawn care tips for starters: 

  • Remove the leaves and debris that the autumn and winter months have left behind
  • Pull up those weeds
  • Try to walk on your lawn as little as possible
  • Don’t mow your grass too low for the first few times after the winter – give it a chance to grow
  • Consider the right fertilisers and treatments for your lawn to give it a helping hand
  • Look to ways to deal with moss, pests and disease which might be affecting your lawn
  • Consider cultural lawn treatments such as aeration, overseeding and scarification 
  • Surface clean your patios, drive and pathways


The Real Nitty Gritty 

Looking more in-depth into your garden maintenance in Leicestershire, there are two main areas to divide it into – hard surface cleaning and lawn care. That is, of course, leaving aside the green-fingered Gordons out there who have flower beds that would leave Chelsea Flower Show green with envy. 

Surface cleaning means that you’ll get your patios and pathways looking like they did when they were just a nipper. Pressure washing is one solution that will give your surfaces that clean look and feel, but can you be sure that, while you’re blasting away at the dirt and grime on the surface, it will get to the root of the problem, permanently removing the weeds which keep popping up between the cracks? 

When it comes to surface cleaning, we recommend using a gentler, more effective alternative to pressure washing which gets to the weeds growing in between the cracks, without the potential of damaging the surface in the way that a pressure washer can.  A soft washing treatment such as this is so effective that it only really needs doing twice a year.


Lawn Care Loveliness

There are varying levels of Leicestershire lawn care you’ll need, depending on the state it’s in. If it just needs a clear up and a gentle mow then you’ll find your garden maintenance in Leicestershire is a doddle. 

But, if it’s starting to look as though it has gone beyond the point of no return, then it may well need a few more drastic measures to get it back to the land of the living. A lawn renovation treatment that has been carefully crafted to give your lawn exactly what it needs can have it revived and refreshed in as little as six weeks’ time. 


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