How Your Local Grass Specialist Can Transform Your Lawn

If staying at home all this time means that you’ve started to notice the poor health of your lawn,...

How Your Local Grass Specialist Can Transform Your Lawn

If staying at home all this time means that you’ve started to notice the poor health of your lawn, then getting the advice of a grass specialist is a great way to start putting things right – especially if your grass has seen far better days. 

Over the last year or so, we’ve had no other option but to pay more attention to our homes and gardens, as many of us have been spending most of our time there.  

As the warmer weather approaches, it’s time to start letting our hair down and holding some fabulous garden parties and BBQs again – as a result, the last thing we need is unattractive, weed ridden lawns to put a dampener on proceedings. 

If that sounds like your garden, what can you do? 


Lawn Maintenance vs Lawn Care 

It might be that you have green fingers of your own and quite like keeping your lawn looking lovely, but there’s quite the difference between lawn maintenance and lawn care. 

If your best efforts to transform your lawn with a spot of lawn maintenance have all been in vain, your local grass specialist can revive a patch of grass that needs that extra little bit of something special with the application of a little lawn care. 

So what are the differences between lawn care and lawn maintenance? Lawn maintenance means knowing how to mow your lawn right, how and when to add a spot of garden centre bought fertiliser, clearing debris, removing weeds and knowing when to give it a jolly good splash of water. 

Lawn care, on the other hand, means using special treatments on your lawn which will fight disease, get rid of weeds and moss for the long term, and improve the health of your soil, encouraging lush and healthy grass to grow and a lawn to be proud of. Treatments such as these are best applied by a local grass specialist.


Here’s What A Grass Specialist Does 

Lawn care from a grass specialist ensures the overall health and wellbeing of your lawn. Specialists can provide a range of services for both the domestic and commercial sectors, depending on what time of year it is and what condition the grass is in. These might include the following: 

  • Seasonal Treatments 
  • Cultural Treatments 
  • Overseeding 
  • Aeration 
  • Soil Testing 
  • Pest Control 
  • Scarification 
  • Complete Lawn Renovation 
  • Root Care 

All of the work carried out should be done following a full assessment of the lawn and analysis of exactly what treatments the grass needs to get it looking healthy and well cared for again. 


Get a FREE lawn analysis and quote

If you are unsure about how to get your lawn looking amazing for Spring and Summer, or you’ve tried your hardest, but nothing you are doing seems to be making an ounce of difference, then our lawn care specialists can help. 

Give us a call to arrange a visit, where a member of the team will carry out a free lawn analysis and quote, so you will benefit from a real idea of what’s required before any work is started. Get in touch today for more details.