Lawn Care in Norwich During A Drought

Lawn Care in Norwich During A Drought The battle against brown lawns is ramping up as the weather gets...

Lawn Care in Norwich During a Drought

Lawn Care in Norwich During A Drought

The battle against brown lawns is ramping up as the weather gets hotter. Believe it or not lawn care in Norwich is harder than most other areas of the UK. Why? Because Norfolk soil is more sandy and this is tough on grass, because it means that the soil dries out a lot quicker. 

It has been predicted that a drought is heading our way after we just had the sunniest May on record. Being prepared and proactive with the right lawn care in Norwich is the best way to protect your lawn. Especially from the scorchio conditions of the months that lie ahead. 

Don’t ever assume that rainfall will come along to the rescue like a knight in shining armour either, because this is never guaranteed. Yes, even in Britain. Once those brown patches set in and the grass stops growing. Revival can be tricky so there are several ways to stop your lawn from getting to the point of no return. Ensure that it stays looking tip-top and healthy even when the drought conditions sweep in. 


Tips to protect your lawn

Top tips to help with lawn care in Norwich – and indeed the rest of the UK. During a drought we recommend watering (as long as there isn’t a hosepipe ban). Raise that cutting height. And use  wetting agents. 

When you want to draw pride and enjoyment from your garden, these will not only keep it looking lovely through BBQ season. It will also save you from having to have an expensive lawn renovation in autumn. So here’s how it’s done…  

If your lawn hasn’t completely kicked the bucket, then the best way to revive it is with a regular watering in the morning or evening. Never water your grass in the scorching hot heat of the day as the water will just evaporate off the top. Watering is less expensive than most people think – check out this watering calculator – however, in drought conditions water restrictions can be imposed, which means this isn’t such an easy option. 

Preventing brown patches will be a big concern once the drought conditions kick in. So, what else is there when you need lawn care in Norwich and water is in short supply? 

  • Get rid of the thatch (dead matter on the top, such as grass clippings and leaves)
  • Aerate the lawn to ensure delivery of what moisture there is direct to the roots 
  • Cut the lawn higher to avoid weakening the grass – never cut more than a third of the blade of grass
  • Use freshly sharpened mower blades – blunt ones tend to rip the grass, leaving it more likely to dry out
  • Although its important to remove thatch, one you’ve cut the lawn, leave the small moist clippings on the lawn to give added moisture
  • Try and keep off the lawn as much as possible as this makes the soil get more compacted and less likely to absorb moisture


Contact Us For A Free Lawn Analysis And Quote

A professional lawn analysis can help you to identify exactly what lawn care in Norwich you need to keep it healthy. Even throughout the drought season. It’s possible to have your lawn looking healthy, even after one treatment. Contact us for your free lawn analysis today.


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