How A Local Lawn Service Gets It Right

How A Local Lawn Service Gets It Right As a local lawn service that likes to look on the...

How A Local Lawn Service Gets It Right

How A Local Lawn Service Gets It Right

As a local lawn service that likes to look on the positive side. We can’t help but think that all that rain we’ve been having recently is going to bring some benefits with summer just around the corner!

Let’s face it, this month has been a bit like one long, wet weekend, hasn’t it? The thing is, it can be doing a few favours for your lawn. 

Look at it this way, when it’s wetter than Marty Pellow out there, you aren’t going to be heading outside much, are you? This means that your lawn won’t be getting trampled on as much, which it is going to thank you muchly for in the long run.  In addition, getting some good moisture to the roots is going to leave it feeling hydrated, healthy, green and happy for when the warmer weather comes around. 

The only problem is when there’s just TOO much rain. In the same way as overwatering can cause damage to your lawn, so can a whole month full of heavy rain – that’s because it can leave your lawn more prone to drowned roots, disease, the onset of weeds and the loss of vital nutrients. 

Local Lawn Service

And it certainly has rained for us here in the East Midlands – a lot. So, if you’ve found that your lawn is suffering from all the excess moisture, then this is where enlisting the help of a local lawn service is best. Not only can your local lawn service offer expert help when it comes to knowing what’s best for your lawn, but the fact that they’re a local lawn company means that they will know the area’s soil type and the best ways to get it bearing fruit (or healthy grass). 

If your lawn has become waterlogged, for example, a local lawn service can help improve the drainage, using local knowledge of the nature of the soil to ensure maximum permeability. That’s How A Local Lawn Service Gets It Right.


Time to call in the experts 

Are you concerned about your lawn? Worried that too much rain is damaging it? Or you’re just unhappy with the state of your lawn in general and are struggling to put it right? Then that’s when you should call in an experienced local lawn service. 

Taking into account the time of year and soil type, diseases and health of the grass they will be able to offer a range of the following services. That includes seasonal and cultural lawn treatments which are designed to give you what your lawn needs: 

  • Aeration
  • Scarification
  • Overseeding 
  • Feeding 
  • Weed and moss control


Get a FREE lawn analysis and quote

Before we recommend any local lawn treatment, we always pay a visit to the lawn and assess what it’s going to need to get it looking in top condition again. You can get your free lawn analysis by getting in touch with a member of our team for more details. 

Get the lawn your home deserves this summer. That way, when the weather does eventually start brightening up and COVID restrictions are a thing of the past, you can enjoy spending the very best time in your outdoor space with your friends and family, once again.